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RCN SOLUTIONS: ready to dispatch to Poland

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To decide to progress on a special way and stand out of the pack it is not an easy job, and you have to strongly believe in your potentialities and in what you submit to the market.

This is what RCN SOLUTIONS is doing, confident that its proposals will meet clients’ interest and approval. Thou for some special projects is not an immediate issue, RCN has learnt how to wait and cultivate the events to receive a positive feedback from the customers later.

In 2010, RCN SOLUTIONS launched the Modular version of its two-shelf laminating kilns – Lammy System Modular – which includes the possibility to buy one first, single complete laminating chamber, and upgrade the equipment later by installing a second complete, independent laminating chamber on the top of the first one. The result is a 4-shelf kiln having the same specifications as the Lammy System 4, which definitively it becomes to.

This policy reveals important especially because customers can limit the budget of the first investment by purchasing one complete two-shelf laminating chamber, in order to start production and enter the laminating market upon a medium output production.

With an easy and simple upgrade, the PLC will be able to run and control the two chambers independently which means the kilns can work with two different jobs. But they can also run at the same time with the same program. Or, one chamber can be turned off, should not the customer have job enough to fill up the two chambers. This latest peculiarity is very important to save energy.

An additional laminating chamber, active size 5000x2500mm, is now bound to Poland to a customer who joined the RCN philosophy about 3 years ago and who currently requires to increase and double the laminating volumes.

Once again, the RCN view proved to be successful in both the attitude to guide customers in their choices and for the active service supplied.

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