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Zhengzhou Longda Abrasive Co., Ltd

10S glass polishing wheel, CE3 cerium oxide glass polishing wheel, Glass diamond grinding wheel, Glass diamond drill bit, BD round edge glass polishing wheel, BK pencile edge glass polishing wheel, Low-E glass edge deletion wheel, Low-E glass coating remo

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Position£ºHome page » Supply » Sell optical glass cerium polishing pad
Sell optical glass cerium polishing pad
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Commodity/Service£º View Time£º560polyurethane polishing pad 
Type£º circle 
Single Price£º 30Yuan/piece 
MOQ£º 1 piece 
Total Supply£º 5000 piece
Delivery Period£º Since the buyer from the date of payment 6 days delivery
Updated Date£º 2012-03-10  Valid until£º2013-02-28 [Expired]

grooved cerium pad for optical glass polishing/cerium polishing pad for LCD glass polishing

Types: LD66/LD77/LDU/LD26

Specification:1400×590,1400×640,1400×700,820×820,930×930,1100×1100, 1200×1200

Thickness: 0.5,0.8,1.0,1.27,1.5,2.0,2.5,3.0mm

The secondary operation: We can provide products with back gummed and grooves on the surface


it can substitute for Universal Photonics polishing pad like LP66,LP77,LP26 and LP57, applicable to Polishing of optical lens,prism,glass substrate,glass clock,silicon wafer and crystal glass


(1). Good durability.  (2). Stable quality. (3). Powerful grinding force.

Product applicable scope

Fine and precision grinding for optical glass, eyeglasses, LCD glass and other glass products; Surface grinding for stainless steel and other metals, plastics, precious stones, quartz and so on; Mirror surface grinding for silicon, germanium and other single wafer of semiconductors.

Market situation 

Japanese, Korean, Hong Kong, Taiwan and local enterprises in Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta


Established in 1998, Zhengzhou Longda Abrasives Co., Ltd is a specialized enterprise that engages in the research, production and sales of various kinds of top-class polishing tools which keep ahead in Chinese market. Our target: Advanced technology is the basis of high-quality products


Contact Person:Angie
Mobile: +86 18203615866
Alibaba Trade Manager: cn220018794
Skype: polishingwheel
QQ: 370228616


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