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Offer Clear Louver Glass
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Commodity/Service£º View Time£º1494Louver Glass 
Type£º glass blades 
Single Price£º   Quete
MOQ£º 300 carton 
Total Supply£º
Delivery Period£º Since the buyer from the date of payment 7 days delivery
Updated Date£º 2012-08-29  Valid until£ºStanding
Product name: clear louver glass

Size: 4inch x 24inch, 4inch x 30inch, 4inch x 36inch, 6inch x 24inch, 6inch x 30inch, 6inch x 36inch etc (4”x24”, 4”x30”, 4”x36”, 6”x24”, 6”x30”, 6”x36” etc)
Thickness: 4mm, 5mm
Other types: obscure louver glass, patterned louver glass, frosted louver glass, colored louver glass, recycled louver glass etc
Application: Louver glass can be used in high-rise buildings, apartment buildings, vacation places and ordinary housing.
        size 6inch x 24inch, 40 pcs/carton, 600 cartons/20ft container;
        size 6inch x 30inch, 32 pcs/carton, 600 cartons/20ft container;
        size 6inch x 36inch, 27 pcs/carton, 600 cartons/20ft container.
Payment term: T/T, L/C
Delivery lead time: 7£­20 days

Clear louver glass and mistlite louver glass (obscure louver glass) are under production in large quantity at the moment. Please contact me for more details and the latest price information. Welcome to our factory any time.
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