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tempered glass with CE

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Quality standard:CE,ISO9001,CCC

Size:100*100mm~2440*6000mm,as to sustomers requirements.

Color:clear, green, bronze, blue,gray etc.

Edge: flat edge,  grind edge, fine polished edge , bevelled edge and so on.
corner:natrual corner, round corner,grind corner

Tempered glass

Tempered glass is one kind of safely glass being produced by heating flat glass to its softening point. Then on its surface forms the compressive stress and suddenly cool down the surface evenly, thus the compressive stress again distributes on glass surface while the tension stress exists at the center layer of the glass. The tension stress caused by outside pressure is counterbalanced with the strong compressive stress. As the result the safety performance of glass is increased.




1) Safety: once break,the glass will become small obtuse glass pieces, which is more harmless than float glass.

2) 5 times harder than float glass

3) Tempered glass cant be cut once more after formed.

4) Tempered glass could withstand high temperature up to 220 centigrade.

Tempered glass is mainly used for glass curtain walls, up-scale shopfronts, shower rooms, escalator rails, windows and doors on balcony, glass partition and areas where glass may have great potential in causing human damages such as public stadium where people are crowded


GB/T9963-1998 Tempered Glass
GB 17841-1999 Tempered Glass and Heat-strengthened Glass for Curtain Wall


Our equipment: TAMGLASS GHF Convection Furnace

Italy Bottero Glass Cutting Machine

Note:This information is provided by the relevant companies themselves, authenticity is not confirmed for reference only. Please use cautiously, at your own risk.

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