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Mosaic glass production line

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commodity/service£º production line  
Model£º Cutting Machine  
Specification£º YR-700  
price£º   Quote 
Minimum order quantity£º    
Total supply £º
Delivery period £º Payment from buyers within 3 days from the date of delivery
Valid Date £º Standing
Last update£º 2011-08-15
view time £º 618
Company Information
PRODUCT details
Detailed Specifications

YR-700 Manual Mosaic Glass Cutting Production Line
Quotation :
Machine size£¨mm£©£º1100*1100*1040mm
table size £¨mm£©£º750×7500mm
the max cutting glass size£º700×700mm
The min cutting glass size: 10×10mm
glass sheet Thickness£º0.1~12mm
Sheet speed: 0~40m/m
Worker: 1~2
Power: 2.2KW
Color : red
Weight: 2000 kg
Voltage: 240v 3 phase

20 cutters /set and 60 “U” cutter holds/ set
cutting accuracy ≤±0.15mm
operator£ºEcumenical worker

Cutting size and efficiency:
The max cutting size: 650 * 650 mm
The cutting efficiency£º2 pieces /min

Breaking machine

1. Model: YR- 500 breaking machine.
machine introduction£º
Breaking the glass by the swing principle
The main parts: machine frame, slippage board, swing board, driving work and motor
The main peculiarity: the more speed and quality, the machine breaking range is adjustable. 8000-10000 piece/ hr and meeting to batch production. 200sq.m./set
The main parameter:
(1) Breaking glass thick:3~10mm
(2) Breaking glass size ≥10mm
(3) Driving motor: 0.37KW
(4) Breaking glass speed: 5000~15000 pieces/hr
(5) Motor: JWB-×0.37-60D£¬ 370W 380V

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