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The 20th China Exhibition of International Glass Industrial Technology successfully held

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      The 20th China Exhibition of International Glass Industrial technology was held on time

      The 20th China Exhibition of International Glass Industrial technology was held on time in Shanghai from May 13th to 16th of 2009. established in 1989 and as one of the largest international glass exhibitions, International Glass Exhibition was help one time every year with higher and higher specialty and internationalization.
      With total area of 55000 square meters, this exhibition assembles exhibitors from 23 countries including China( Hongkong administrative region and Taiwan), Germany, Italy, the USA, England, France, Belgium, Czech, Finland, Holand, Switzerland, Sweden, Auckland, Australia, Jordan, Israel, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Turkey, Monaco, India and Indonesia, among which there are 229 foreign exhibitors and Germany, Italy, the USA and Belgium organized national Exhibition group.
With Italy booth of area increased by nearly 60%, Glaston company booth of 775 square meters and Bottero company booth of 420 square meters, this exhibition interests not only the world renowned enterprises but also famous enterprises in china glass industry that would like to show their latest technology, equipments and products. 

      The exhibition has a large range of products including architectural glass, industrial glass, decorative glass, electronic glass, daily used glassware, glass doors and windows, hardware fitting, glass deep-processing machinery, grinding materials, glass production instruments, equipments and automotive controlling system, glass raw material and auxiliary material, etc, among which there are modern technology and products in the aspects of energy saving, discharging reduction and efficiency increasing like low-E glass, gas charging insulating glass, laminated glass, coated glass, vacuum glass and some new products in solar photovoltaic generation area. This exhibition has broken    through the historical record in the aspects of scale, exhibitors number and exhibition content.

      The president from the United Building Material Committee, Renwei Zhang, president of China Architectural and Industrial Glass Association, Guoqing Chen, vice-president of the United China Building Material Committee, Jiangtao Zhang, vice-president and Baiheng Zhang, secretary-general of China Architectural and Industrial Glass Association, and Zhanping Jin, secretary-general of China Silicate Academy all visited the booths of all enterprises. All of our staff attended this exhibition and communicated with the exhibitors with aim to establish wider cooperation and handle with the global financial crisis hand in hand.

      The 20th China Exhibition of International Glass Industrial technology was successfully closed at Shanghai New Exhibition Center on May 16th. This is a successful, innovative and world renowned exhibition. We look forward to the 2010 meeting in Beijing.

  President Renwei Zhang is visiting Lisec booth.


 President Renwei Zhang and other leaders took a picture at G-crystal booth

President Renwei Zhang visited the booth of China Architectural and Industrial Glass Association.


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