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Dialogue by President Renwei Zhang on 2009 China Glass Industry Annual Meeting & Technology Seminar

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      Under the guide of technological innovation, pioneering in industrial healthy developmen

      Under the guide of technological innovation, pioneering in industrial healthy development
Dialogue by president renwei Zhang on 2009 China Glass Industry Annual Meeting & Technological Seminar.

      At the time of golden autumn, China Architectural and Industrial Glass Association hold 2009 China Glass Industry Annual Meeting & Technological Seminar today in beautiful Guangzhou. On behalf of the United China Building Material Committee and China Architectural and Industrial Glass Association, I would like to say congratulation!
      The PRC 60th anniversary is coming and our glass industry was developed in straddle style and expanded constantly under the struggle of the whole industry and national economic development, especially under the background of 30 years’ reforming and opening up construction. 
At the beginning of liberation, there are only 4 glass factories located in the seaside cities including Qinhuangdao, Dalian, Shenyang and Shanghai. At the beginning of reforming and opening up, the productivity of the flat glass was just 26,000,000 weight boxes and there were very few float glass production lines. However, with the large-scale adjustment for glass industrial region layout, there are some big and medium-sized flat glass factories established in Zhuzhou, Luoyang, Lanzhou, Kunming, Bangbu, Suqian, Hangzhou, Weihai and Qingdao, etc., which closed the situation of our flat glass industry laying particular stress on northeast and north China. At the present, it is greatly changed that the technique and equipment level has make a revolutionary broken through with constantly optimized industrial structure, high-developed production scale, variety and quality. Now we have 204 float glass production lines.

      In the recent years, our glass industry has been developed rapidly with a general situation of half happiness and half sorrow. First, under the guide of market demand, the industry has not enough maturity with the market economic condition; second, there are still some defects for pioneering industrial healthy development. Although the glass industry has made some achievements, there are still big upgrading space.

      Now the flat glass industry is defined as excess industry, but I think this is not a bad thing. Otherwise, excess productivity could play a positive role for industrial development of high-speed. Furthermore, at the same time of expanded scale, the flat glass industry is still not enough to meet the market demand. Therefore, how to force the structural adjustment and then drive the technological and products adjustment under the guide of market demand and scientific innovation would be a problem that needs our careful study. We should pay much attention to enterprise reforming. The big-sized enterprises should cooperate well with the medium-sized and small enterprises and establish reasonable enterprise organization structure. These problems should be highly regarded and solved successfully. At the present, our glass industry is at the important time of strategic opportunities and the key step of strategic adjustment. The opportunities and challenge are unprecedented and the opportunities are greater than challenge.

      Our glass market will be constantly expanded from now on because of high-speed urbanization construction and constantly improved living level. However, the scientific research and development of glass industry is still a poor segment for us. If the scientific research and development level of glass industry is improved, the demand will also be increased, but it is a long way. Furthermore, paying much attention to quantity and scale is very important for development. We should not make investment blindly but we should grasp the market demand and make objective analysis for market demand under the guide of Market demand.

      We should take the advantage of the excess flat glass industry, make a conclusion for the experience, achievements and lesson of development, and make a plan for developmental mind, scale and quantity in order to standardize this industry. For our association, we will bring up more advice, make more contribution, reflect the industrial complains and do more practical things for the enterprises.

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