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Special Report on 60 Years¡¯ Brilliance of China Glass

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      Time goes by for 60 years, the brilliant history of the People’s Republic of China
      Time goes by for 60 years, the brilliant history of the People’s Republic of China is like a grand picture and China glass industry makes this picture colorful with a new outlook. During the 60 years’ time, China glass industry has been developed in straddle style and makes indelible contribution for national economic construction.
      There are just 3 flat glass manufacturers 60 years ago with annual quantity of 920,000 weight boxes and very poor technique. However, after reforming and opening up, China glass industry started to self-design, research, develop and make equipment and till 1978, the annual quantity of flat glass increase by 19 times compared with that of 1949 with average annual increasing rate of 10.8%.
      During the 30 years’ reforming and opening up, China glass industry was developed in straddle style with technique and equipment level of revolutionary breaking through, constant optimized industrial structure and high-developed production range, products variety and quality. In 2008, we possess 191 float glass production lines with flat glass annual quantity of 5,470 million weight boxes which is 624 times higher than that of preliminary new china establishment.
      Under the guide of scientific development, based on self-innovation, china glass industry constantly accomplished on the research and development of new technique, technology, equipment and new products, and much more abundant products functions and variety. Therefore, looking into the future, china glass industry will take a new brilliant page.
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