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Chongqing Dyne Glass Art Co.,Ltd

wine glass bottle,brandy glass bottle, vodka glass bottle,whisky glass bottle, and so on .

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Position£ºHome page » Supply » Decoration violet glass bottle for wine 500ml
Decoration violet glass bottle for wine 500ml
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Commodity/Service£º View Time£º333vodka glass bottle  
Type£º DYS-002 
Specification£º high crystal glass bottle  
Brand£º DYNE 
Single Price£º 3.5Yuan/ 
MOQ£º 20  
Total Supply£º
Delivery Period£º Since the buyer from the date of payment 30 days delivery
Updated Date£º 2011-11-17  Valid until£º2011-11-16 [Expired]

Blue clear material is the most fashionable color for wine bottle packaging now. Powerful and unrestrained like a man. It’s suitable for very special liquor and foreign wine packaging.


  1. We are professional manufacturer of glass wine bottoms with our own factory in southwest of China;
  2. We have excellent ability to process products with spray-printing, decoration firing, deep-engraved and so on;
  3. Our customers are from all over the world, Europe, America, East, Middle East and Africa.
  4. Good quality and good service is the base of our business and low price is our advantage.

 Decoration firing glass bottle for wine locking metal snap and cap, 500ml100_6210.JPG3.jpg


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