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Chongqing Dyne Glass Art Co.,Ltd

wine glass bottle,brandy glass bottle, vodka glass bottle,whisky glass bottle, and so on .

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Chongqing Dyne Glass-art Co.,Ltd founded in 1998,Our company is a private-owned enterprise which specializes in designing, producing and selling high quality glass white wine bottles. Our factory is based at Deng Xiaopings native place- Sichuan Guangan. Currently we have more than 800 employees, including 80 technicians and international traders.
Now we have two tanks,one is natural gas tank furnace and other one is semi-coalgas on excess for the third one on the planning, covering a total of 10 hectares.We are now produce more than 80,000,000 pcs glass bottles per year. We also produce glass stopples,perfume bottles and huge top bottles [Details]
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