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high quality solar glass

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commodity/service: solar glass 
price: 60Yuan/sq.m   Quote 
Minimum order quantity: 100 sq.m   Order 
Total supply : 1000 sq.m
Delivery period : Payment from buyers within 7 days from the date of delivery
Valid Date : Standing
Last update: 2011-09-15
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Company Information
PRODUCT details
solar tempered glass is aloways used as the solar panel ,the thickness is 3.2mm.

1. The mechanical strength redoubled 4-5 times strength than ordinary annealed glass.
2. Breakage hurts reduced: when breakage occurs, the tempered glass disintegrates into countless even small obtuse fragments, which reduces its hurts to human body.
3. It can withstand a very wide range of rapid temperature changing with the endurance of 200-300.

It is widely used for glass door, buildings, exhibiton cabin etc.

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