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acid etched glass

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commodity/service: acid etched glass 
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Last update: 2013-07-30
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Etching glass can be fun as well as a great way to make a perfect personalized gift for any ocassion. With the craft kits now available on the market, the process has become simple and fun. Follow the steps below to acid etch the glass piece of your choice.
How to Acid Etch Glass        
1、Decide what piece of glass you want to etch. Almost anything glass can be etched including wine glasses, plates and platters, bowls, perfume bottles, and mirrors.        
2、Decide the design you want to use. For example, your idea might be to etch a border around the rim of a glass plate and then put another pattern in the center or to etch something different on two sides of a glass. The possibilities are endless.        
3、If you don't already have the glass piece(s) and etching kit on hand, go and purchase the items you will need. These will include one or more glass items, stencil, acid product, brush(es), and a craft knife.        
4、Choose one or more stencils (or cut out your own if you are artistic, using a craft knife) that will fit the size of the glass piece you are etching as well as the overall design you want.        
5、Make your own stencil by drawing or tracing the design onto the stencil and then cutting it out with a craft knife.        
6、Apply the stencil to the glass piece to be etched. Make sure that the stencil is applied flat onto the surface without any folds or bends around the design area. Also make certain that it is secured to the glass to avoid any leakage of the acid product when it is applied.        
7、Shake the acid product thoroughly before using it. Apply it according to the instructions on the bottle, making certain to keep the acid off of areas that aren't to be etched. Be certain that the application is thick enough to properly etch the design into the glass.        
8、Let the acid set on the product for the amount of time indicated within the product's instructions. Then remove the remaining pieces of the stencil.        
9、Rinse and dry your glass piece. It is now ready for you to use or for you to give as a gift.
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