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Notice on 2011 China glass annual meeting

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Notice on 2011 China glass annual meeting and technical symposia
 [2011]  No: 48 by CAIGA
Notice on 2011 China glass annual meeting (or technical symposia)
Notice on 6th board of directors meeting for office change
Distinguished relevant sirs and madams,
      To promote the stable and sustainable development of China glass industry and build the platform for national and international market extend and technique exchange ,the 2011 China glass annual meeting will be hosted by China Architectural and Industrial Glass Association. This meeting meets the current glass industry and our association will act as a bridge between enterprises and our government. Some government leaders from glass industry will be invited to direct technical session and market analysis, as well as industry tend, macroeconomic regulations and energy conservation on glass market. During this meeting, new board directors and association leaders will be elected.
     Attention for Relevant affairs:
一、theme: low-carbon safety innovation development
二、goals: build up the industry platform
三、content(12th and 13 two days, 15th morning for office changing meeting, special session on 14th)
      1、专题报告:Special report on national glass
      1.1    Report on situation of our industry working
1.2             Report on photovoltaic and photo-thermal industry development trend
1.3    Report on current situation, moving tide of glass industry and association work report
      1.4   Macroeconomic regulations and related industry laws and standards
1.5    The 12th five-year development project on plate glass, processed glass, photovoltaic glass and mechanical glass
1.6    Introduction of 2012 Sino-India glass exhibition and glass forum
      2Technical session and technique release
      2.1   The method and significance of glass smelting kiln balance test
2.2    Usual questions and solutions on saving energy and reducing emission, cogeneration and industrial water conditioning
2.3    Situation and development of glass abroad
2.4    Total oxygen burning technology application in glass melting kiln
2.5    Requirements and prospect of ultrathin glass market
2.6    Introduction for ultrawhite solar reflective glass
2.7    Research on solar reflective mirror
2.8    Automatic line-on-line in further process of photovoltaic glass
      2.9    applications of organosilicon material in photovoltaic glass industry
2.10   Antireflection technique application in photovoltaic glass
2.11   Vacuum glass technology and industrialization
2.12   Anti-fire system technology and application in glass industry
2.13   Self-destruction and damage of glass
2.14   Opinions on PVB film’s influence in the safety of sandwich glass
2.15    Processing and using of PPG’S LOW-E
2.16    Color aberration testing and notes for LOW-E
2.17    Scientific attitudes towards technical index of dry agent in insulating glass
2.18    Siliconesealant questions and proper usage in construction
2.19    Fire silicon rubber application in sandwich glass
2.20    Property comparison between thio rubber and silicon adhesive
2.21    Choose and use properly of sealant in insulating glass
2.22    Introduction of structural sealant glass equipment, European standard EN13022-2006
2.23    Exploration and application of high grade transparency SPU
2.24    Initiating green Nanotechnology, leading glass saving energy—the market applicaton and prospective analysis Nano-thin saving energy glass
2.25    Basic questions on promoting gas-filled initial concentration in insulating glass
2.26   Cadmium battery’s development and applicative analysis for raw material
2.27   Low-ETCO Producing technology and its usage
      3Association and related professional committee activities
3.1    Managers symposium in plate glass
3.2    Paper presentation and certificates for hosting organisations
3.3    Rewarding excellent workers of the association
3.4    Office changing meeting for plate glass, reflective glass, safety glass and mechanical glass committee
 4Experts answer
       We will invite glass industrial experts for present answer
      5Exhibition of new technology and new products(Morning of 13-15th December)
     Key enterprises in related glass and glass processing will display their new technology and products
四、Time: Check-in on Dec 12th, meeting during 13-15th Dec
五、Meeting address: Kaiyuanxiaoshan Hotel, Zhejiang Province(NO 77, Renmin Road road, Xiaoshan district, Hangzhou city)
Switchboard: 0571-82881888
Way after train: Take 300 bus to final station hangzhou south station, then change 726 untill qingshaoniangong and walking 200 meters to Xiaoshan Hotel.
Way after plane: Take airport express to Xiaoshan long-distance station, then change 704,714, 718 to qingshaoniangong and walk 200meters to Xianshan Hotel.
六、Fee standard: the committee will arrange board and lodging. Fee: 1200 yuan one person (1500 for the others), not including boarding(280 yuan one room for onr day in Xiaoshan hotel, 220 yuan in city hotel and youdian hotle), free surching internet in the hotel room.
七、Contact person and telephone
 Contact person: Zhiwu Zhou   Hui Li  Lei Wang
Address: room.323, No.11, sanliHe Road, Baiwanzhuang, Beijing
Post Code: 100831
Tel: 01057811181   57811190
Fax: (010)57811185 57811187
E-mail: Please mark the receiver)
Marks: Participants must reply fax or email to our association before 25th, November
       China Architectural and Industrial Glass Association
Affix: return receipt for glass annual meeting
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